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Delivering White Glove Service by Getting our Hands Dirty Since 1996

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When you need to know what’s going on with your property, AZ Property Inspections will show you what’s beneath the surface. There may be things happening on your property that you can’t see and don’t know what to look for, but out of sight should not mean out of mind when it comes to your facility or physical assets, especially since it’s often one of the largest investments you’ll make. From Phoenix to Tucson to Flagstaff, we cover the state much like we evaluate a property: up and down and from one end to the other. Searching high and low brings information to the surface as we uncover and discover what may be under cover. We operate differently by providing an elevated level of care and attention to detail. We employ processes and people who surpass expectations and personalize your experience as we work to identify issues so you can resolve them before they become a problem that needs to be solved.

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Our Services

AZ Property Inspections examines your property from A to Z with a full range of inspection services.

Our detailed inspections can save you thousands of dollars by uncovering construction flaws and potential safety hazards. We also provide detailed termite inspections and are one of the few inspection firms licensed with the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s Pest Management Division. Our termite inspections are unbiased as we are not affiliated with any termite remediation companies who may have a different agenda.

When you are looking for professional property inspection services, our fully licensed and insured company is absolutely your premier choice!

AZ Property Inspections provides quality detailed building inspections from warehouses to retail space to office complexes.

AZ Property Inspections has conducted thousands of new construction inspections and we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help guide new construction homebuyers.

All of AZ Property Inspectors are certified to conduct termite inspections according to the standards of the Arizona State Department of Agriculture – Pest Management Division.

AZ Property Inspections provides quality detailed one year anniversary inspections. We give homeowners a detailed report that highlights all items that need to be replaced or repaired, so they can submit to their builder prior to the home’s one year warranty expiration date.

AZ Property Inspections is proud to offer the add-on service of thermal imaging. This type of inspection is truly a step into the future of home inspection. Thermal imaging helps discover potential home issues that would potentially not be seen during a typical home inspection through the use of an infrared camera and specially trained home inspectors.

Banks, Lending Institutions, and individual project owners trust AZ Property Inspections to be their eyes and ears on construction sites throughout the state of Arizona. We provide comprehensive on-site inspections to assist lenders in determining the appropriate release of construction funds for commercial and residential properties.

Inspections are not just for buyers and sellers. They are for people that love their homes and plan to live there for years to come, but need a check up on any issues that are lurking. 

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Why Choose Us?

All of our property inspections exceed both the state of Arizona and ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) requirements. Our many inspectors are seasoned professionals with decades of experience and each inspector is ASHI and Termite Certified.

Our inspectors are conveniently located state-wide – Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and all the areas in between. We make sure we are there whenever and wherever you need us.

We operate differently by providing an elevated level of care and attention to detail. We employ processes and people who surpass expectations and personalize your experience with genuine care. We work to identify issues so you can solve them before they arise. Our idea of white glove inspection ensures impeccable service and implies meticulous, comprehensive, sweeping, thorough, inclusive, exhaustive, and in-depth analysis.

We deliver white glove service by getting our hands dirty.

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Continuing Education AZ Property Inspections

Delivering White Glove Service by Getting our Hands Dirty Since 1996

Continuing Education

At AZ Property Inspections, we share knowledge and perspective to inform, educate, and provide ease in home ownership and the transactions that surround it. We deliver quality and fun Continuing Education courses for Real Estate Professionals through our Real Estate School, AZ Property Training. Our CE classes are all about houses because as a Real Estate Agent, the more you know about houses, the stronger your impact as a valuable resource. Many agents report these classes as “the best class I ever attended,” and every class receives outstanding evaluations.

Here is some of what you’ll learn attending one of our CE Classes:

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