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Over 95 Years of Combined Experience

AZ Property Inspections exists to provide quality property inspections in the state of Arizona. Our mission, as a leading inspection firm, is to provide quality work, exceptional service and consultation to home buyers, investors and realtors.

Our Mission: Extreme Customer Satisfaction

AZ Property Inspections has performed more than 55,000 property inspections in  Phoenix, Tucson and across Arizona. Real Estate Agents and their clients choose us because we deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our inspectors are professional and highly trained. We are an important partner in the home buying process. Together, our inspectors have more than 95 years of home inspection experience.

Our Story

Liz and Tim together about page

AZ Property Inspections is a family owned, “mom and pop” business. Owners Liz and Tim O’Neall were both born and raised in New York and met while they were in college. They began their corporate careers in New York – Tim working as a Director of Sales for an Environmental Consulting firm in New York City and Liz working at various publishing companies on Long Island.

At Tim’s job, the majority of the deals he was involved with was in commercial real estate and building/restoration. On the weekends, he loved doing “do it yourself” projects on the suburban home that he and Liz bought as newlyweds. “Though I loved the fast-paced corporate culture of New York City, I always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur,” Tim says. Unfortunately, that dream was hard to attain when he was in the daily grind (commuting 2 hours each way in and out of New York City every business day for more than a decade). “When Liz was offered a job in Arizona, I saw it as a sign that my dream of entrepreneurship could be a realty, so I took the leap of faith by leaving the corporate world and New York behind to fulfill that dream.”

When they moved to AZ, Tim decided to pursue a career in Inspections (from his passion of real estate and of the things he learned doing all those “do-it yourself” home projects). He took rigorous inspection training classes, became a member of American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and passed the ASHI National Exam to become a Home Inspector in 1996.

While Tim began his new career as an Inspector, Liz continued her corporate work in publishing and corporate communications. Along the way, they were raising two beautiful daughters. In 2010, Liz decided to join the family business and help Tim grow AZ Property Inspections from one Inspector (him) to the multi inspector firm that it is today.

And they lived happily ever after….

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