New Construction Inspections: Why Even New Homes in Arizona Need Thorough Checks

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Assuming that newly built homes in Arizona don’t require professional inspections is a common misconception. In the past, new construction inspections were primarily handled by local code enforcement agencies. However, as construction practices, materials, and installation techniques have evolved over time, home inspection and safety experts now strongly recommend that new construction buyers get a new construction home inspection done by a 3rd party home inspection professional.

Code Inspections Only Cover the Basics

Code inspections are typically legally required for new construction homes. However, they only provide minimal insight into the systems, structures, and overall construction processes of your new home. Even though your home may meet local code requirements, it can still have hidden issues that affect its safety and functionality.

home inspection arizona timAt AZ Property Inspections, we believe that professional inspections for new construction homes are essential. Even brand new homes can have issues and safety concerns. Contractors and construction workers often have other jobs to complete and may operate on tight timelines. This can lead to unintentional mistakes and shortcuts in the construction process. To ensure that your investment goes beyond the bare minimum outlined by basic legal codes, you should consider a 3rd party comprehensive inspection. This is why AZ Property Inspections’ new construction inspections are designed to offer extensive information about the critical aspects of your home. 

New Property Construction Inspection Checklist

AZ Property Inspections provides and recommends two inspections:

  • Pre-Dry Wall Inspection – This is the first time we look over the home before the walls are enclosed with drywall and when we inspect the framing and systems installation. Key components such as site and grading, structure, foundation, framing, roof, plumbing, HVAC and electrical are included in this new construction inspection. This inspection happens after the entire frame has been built, the roof is on and the windows are installed, but before the sheetrock has been put into place. At this stage, we are checking things like the wiring, plumbing, window flashing, and other elements that are generally hidden behind the walls. If any problems crop up, the builder can repair them after the inspection and before going further with the project.


  • Final Walk-Thru Inspection This final inspection is conducted right before the new, happy homeowners are to do their final walk thru. All appliances and components are in the home and it is “Move In Ready,” per the builder. Homebuyers can add any issues we find to their final punch list and request that their builder complete them all prior to handing over the keys and moving in. Our home inspectors are trained to notice details that escape the unpracticed eye. At this stage, our inspectors are reviewing items such as roof, chimney, gutters, doors, windows, exterior items, garage, foundation, basements, and crawl spaces, HVAC systems (including the thermostat), plumbing, electrical, attic insulation, ventilation and appliances.

Why Should You Hire a Home Inspector For a New House?

home inspection arizona walk throughWhen buying an existing home, a home inspection is a no-brainer. It safeguards you from unexpected problems and expenses. However, the decision to get a new construction home inspection may not be as obvious. After all, everything is new, and you may have been closely involved in the building process.

While you may trust your contractor and believe that everything has been constructed to your specifications, a home inspection for new construction can still be beneficial. It provides peace of mind by confirming that there are no major issues. If the inspector does find significant problems, it’s better to know about them before closing on the home.

Is a New Construction Home Inspection Included in the Contract?

In most cases, a final walk-through is included in the contract when buying new construction, but a professional home inspection is less likely to be included. If it’s not part of your sales agreement, consider adding it as a contingency to protect your interests in case the inspector uncovers issues.

Don’t Municipal Inspectors Inspect New Construction Homes?

One reason buyers sometimes skip new construction inspections is that municipal building inspections are typically conducted at various stages of construction. These inspections ensure that local building codes are followed and common issues associated with new-construction homes are addressed.

Municipal inspectors review the foundation, framing, electrical systems, plumbing, and more. While these inspections provide a level of assurance, they primarily focus on minimum standards compliance.

Independent Inspections Are a Wise Decision

Even though your new home may appear perfect at first glance, investing in a 3rd party professional new construction inspection from AZ Property Inspections can provide you with peace of mind and help you uncover potential issues that may require attention. Don’t skip this crucial step in ensuring the safety and quality of your new Arizona home. 

AZ Property Inspections offers new construction inspections state-wide including Phoenix and Tucson. Give us a call today at (480) 283-5642 to learn how our property inspections can help protect your investment, and/or check out our New Construction Inspections page to learn more. 

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